A15- SAMEEP—Student and Ministry of External Affairs Engagement

Department: IEM
Alumni: Mr.Harsh Chirania, Indian Foreign Service Officer, Seychelles
Date & time: 19.05.2021
Audience: Students from all branches

A14- Career Orientation – Startup Success & Failure Models

Department: Mechanical engineering
Alumni: Mr. ULLAS L M , Senior Executive Spare Parts Inventory & Logistics M/s. Phillips Machine Tools India Pvt. Ltd. Aerospace Park, Bengaluru
Date & time: 19.05.2021
Audience: 6th and 8thSemester B E students

A13- To Create Competent Human Resources For Managing Business in Society

Department: MBA
Alumni: Mr.Pradeep P Senior Analyst Smart Stream Technologies
 Date & time: 15.05.2021
Audience: MBA Students

A12- Need for SystemVerilog, Verification Tools, Trends and Opportunities in Industry

Alumni: Mr.AdityaRangan Senior Engineer Open-Silicon Research Pvt. Ltd(Sifive)
 Date & time: 15.05.2021
Audience: 3rd year students


Department: CSE
Alumni: Mr.AkshatSwarup, Senior Engineer – R & D, Mercedes Benz, India
Date & time: 15.05.2021
Audience: Final year CSE students

A10- Future Lies in your Hands

Department: ISE
Alumni: Mr.Govind S, Full stack Developer, M/s People InTouch, Netherlands
 Date & time: 15.05.2021
Audience: 3rd year ISE students

A9- Women in Defense Force a Sense of Pride

Department: Mechanical Engineering
Alumni: Ms. Deepthi Koshti, Squadron Leader, Indian Air Force
Date & time: 30/3/2021, Tuesday @ 11 AM
Audience: I Year Students

A8- Opportunities in Civil Engineering

Department: Civil Engineering
Alumni: Bhavana D R, Student, RICS School Of Built Environment, Mumbai
Date & time: 20/3/2021, Saturday, @ 11 AM
Audience: I Year Students

A7- Importance of Mathematics in Electrical and Communication Engineering

Department: ECE
Alumni: Dr. Karthik Upadhya,Senior specialist Radio Researcher, Nokia Bell labs,Finland
 Date & time: 20/3/2021, Saturday, @ 11 AM
Audience: I Year Students

A6- Opportunities for Higher Studies

Department: Mechanical Engineering
Alumni: Rajesh Raghavan, Energy Engineer and a Project Coordinator
 Date & time: 17/3/2021, Wednesday @ 11 AM
Audience: I Year Students

A4- Alumni Corporate Experience Sharing Session

Department: MBA
Alumni: Mr.Sandesh Gowda P
 Date & time: 20.03.2021, Saturday, @ 11 AM
Audience: I Year Students

A5- Career in Defense Forces

Department: Mechanical Engineering
Alumni: Pradeep R J, Squadron leader, India Air Force
 Date & time: 8/3/2021, Monday @ 11 AM
Audience: I Year Students

A3- Cloud Computing for Real -Time Applications

Department: ISE
Alumni:  Mr.Suhas Aryan, Cloud App Specialist, Accenture, Benagluru
 Date & time: 26/2/21, Friday, @ 11 AM
Audience: I Year Students

A2- Debunking Relationships

Department: CSE
Alumni: Mr Shashank Nagesh, CEO, M/s Webtrigon Technologies Pvt Ltd
 Date & time: 20/2/2021, Saturday, @ 11 AM
Audience: I Year Students

A1- College to Corporate Journey

Department: MBA
Alumni: Deepak Kumar, Consultant, Investment Performance and Reporting
 Date & time: 06/2/21, Saturday, @ 11 AM
Audience: I Year Students
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